The Planning Process

  • The planning application for the proposed incinerator is being dealt with by the Waste Planning Authority (WPA) for Dorset Council.  It has been uploaded as a series of documents, maps, plans, photographs, etc to the Minerals and Waste planning pages. 
  • The main public consultation period has now closed although the Planning Department are still accepting comments. We estimate that over 2500 objections have been submitted. It is likely that Dorset Council will now ask for further information from Powerfuel and that there will be at least one further round of consultation.
  • Various ‘consultees’ will be asked to write in their response to further information.  Two of these are Portland Town Council and Weymouth Town Council.  It is vital that we persuade both of these councils to vote again to object. Please keep checking this website for details of the relevant meeting of these town council planning committees.  It is important that as many people as possible ATTEND and SPEAK in objection to the application (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • The public also need to send in written objections to Dorset Council during any further consultation period.
  • The Planning Officer will then write a report recommending approval or refusal of the application.  This will then be debated and voted on at a meeting of Dorset Council’s Strategic Planning Committee. It is again important that as many people as possible ATTEND and SPEAK in objection to the application. This needs to be CO-ORDINATED to avoid repetition.  Please contact us if you intend to speak (this is subject to COVID-19 restrictions).