E) Visitor Economy issues

Inappropriate Siting of Plant:

***Use your OWN words – do not copy ours – or your planning objection may not count***

  1. Proximity of incinerator and its emissions likely to detract from visitor experience and to deter visitors: day-trippers (including senior citizen coach tours); and those who come to do climbing, sailing, walking, cycling, bird watching, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, kayaking, fishing or just to sit on the beaches and enjoy the views and tranquillity
  2. There is the potential for some harm to the visitor economy across a wide range of tourism associated facilities and providers. The visitor economy along the Jurassic Coast delivers 2,000 jobs and is worth £111 million- Dorset Council figures
  3. The Eden Portland project would deliver over 3 times the number of direct jobs, over 4 times the number of indirect jobs and 15 times the number of apprenticeships, and is unlikely to attract the necessary funding if the waste incinerator goes ahead. https://www.edenportland.org/partners