Possible Grounds for Objections

Please click on the drop down menu, on the right, for our list of grounds for objection, with references to relevant plans and policies.  The initial advice from our consultants has been inserted in italics.

NB You can submit several objections as long as any further objections you submit are on different topics.

 Invalid objections:

  • Concerns about falls in property values
  • Negative impact on your own private views
  • Objections which factually misrepresent the application: please look at our Application Orientation Sheets to help you locate relevant sections of the application

 Links to Planning Policies and other documents etc can be found here

 Please Contact Us for more detail and/or policy references or for help with writing or submitting your objection.

Before you start, please look at our brief Application Orientation Sheets.

These aim to help you start to navigate the application documents and are organised by topic.

More sheets will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Application Orientation Sheets:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3