Environmental Permit Issues

THIS INCINERATOR HAS NOT GONE AWAY! The Environmental Permit process is now on task to Object: we have till 3 Sept 2021. SPWI will be preparing key reasons to Object and will publish as soon as possible. Just reading the first page makes one’s blood boil! Dorset’s only Landfill is inert construction material. All the materiel planned to go to the Portland Incinerator is RDF refuse derived fuel, and it will go to an incinerator. The South West already has a surplus in incineration capacity shown in Government Waste Interrogator.

There are 80 documents uploaded on the EA website which we – and perhaps if we can afford experts – need to read and digest. Our volunteers labour for free but experts do not. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN HARD CASH – THIS IS SIMPLY NOT GOING TO GO AWAY WITHOUT A FIGHT. The applicant knows it is hard for us to fight, and the tactic of swamping information is done to make it costly. The costs are well into double figures now, that we need to raise, to fight the planning and this is in parallel.

The following image has been taken from the first page of the Environment Agency’s “Briefing 3: Powerfuel Portland” document, with an addition, in red, from SPWI campaign team. https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/dt5-1pp-powerfuel-portland-limited/ (2021)

Below: Excel spreadsheet downloaded from https://environment.data.gov.uk/portalstg/home/item.html?id=0b3ce5e8080c4325a93734b5646519e6

2019 Waste Summary Tables for England

Highlighted circles in red, undertaken by the SPWI team.

The permit application, including supporting documents, can be found here on the Environmental Agency’s “Citizen Space” portal. Comments can be made there too. Alternatively, you can email the agency at: pscpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk

A hard copy can be seen at either Weymouth or Portland libraries: please ring to confirm opening times and access during current pandemic. If you are unable to visit a library – or use “Citizen Space” – please ring the agency on 03706 506 506.

All comments must be received by the 3rd of September, 2021.

The full “Briefing 3: Powerfuel Portland” document can be viewed here.