The Planning Process

  • The planning application for the proposed incinerator is being dealt with by the Waste Planning Authority (WPA) for Dorset Council.  It will be found as a series of documents, maps, plans, photographs, etc to the Minerals and Waste planning pages.
  • The main public consultation period has taken place and closed.  Approximately 2500 objections were submitted.
  • A first Regulation 25 request was sent to Powerfuel by the Planning Authority for more information and a further consultation period took place, ending November 2021.
  • At the end of January 2022, a second Regulation 25 request was sent to Powerfuel, again for more information, and the consultation is due to end on 7 March 2022.
  • During all three consultations various consultees (ie Natural England, Public Health, etc) are invited to send in responses, and the public can also submit responses/objections.
  • Portland Town Council and Weymouth Town Council are also consultees, and both Councils have objected to this planning application.
  • At each stage it is important to only comment/object on the documents relevant to the stage involved.  Comments/objections to previous documents are not considered.
  • When all information has been received, including all representations, Dorset Council’s Strategic Planning Committee will meet and make their decision.  Five days before this meeting the Planning Officer will submit his report and recommendation to the Strategic Planning Committee.

The public can speak and make representation at the Strategic Planning Committee, however, it is important that these are effective and well prepared.  There will likely be a limit on the number of people who can speak, so it is sensible to co-ordinate to avoid repetition.  Please contact us if you intend to speak (this is subject to COVID-19 restrictions).