The national campaign is growing strength daily!

30th May 2021 Video showing earterly winds from ship’s plume

30th May 2021 SPWI object that the design modelling of the plume from the proposed EfW Incinerator is not fit for purpose.

19th May 2021 SPWI’s assessment of PfP APPLICATION in relation to the ADOPTED DORSET WASTE PLAN 2019.

19th May 2021 SPWI objection on grounds of not complying with the Dorset Waste Plan.

19th May 2021 SPWI objection due to effect on Marine ecology.

18th May 2021 Response from Rebecca Pow to seeking a Moratorium on new EfW capacity in England. Rebecca Pow is the undersecretary of state for the environment.

13th May 2021 SPWI had the benefit of a detailed meeting with the planning case officer Adrian Lyneham on 13th May 2021 and here are the attached minutes that have been agreed with the planning department before being issued.

30th April 2021 Dorset Echo: incinerator decision date unconfirmed.

6th April 2021 SPWI set out why this proposal is really not good for our local economy.

29th March 2021 There is a new application for the small ERF – waste incinerator – Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd, Parley.  This located on a site which already operates waste recycling and recovery with an Anaerobic Digestion facility and a green waste composting operation.  It is located on a waste management allocated site in the 2019 Adopted Dorset waste Plan and is under a mile from Bournemouth Airport.

24th March 2021 The House of Commons also debated this issue with Rebecca Pow stating: “Our intention is to focus on reducing, recycling, reusing and, indeed, cutting down on all waste and moving to a circular economy.“…“We have a target to increase overall recycling rates to 65% by 2035. We have a target for zero avoidable waste by 2050.”… “there will be less waste. Producers will be responsible for all the waste and packaging that they put on the market. They will be responsible for its whole lifecycle and the full net costs. They will not want to have to pay for it to end up somewhere else, such as incineration, which is, bar landfill, right at the end of our waste hierarchy.”… “The [Government’s] ambition is to have less and less waste going to incineration”… “we are cutting down on waste, and we certainly take such things as air quality extremely seriously.”

24th March 2021 Great news that Wales have stopped all new Incinerators being built over 10MW with immediate effect.

19th March 2021 Dorset Council’s response to concerns following recent appointment

15th March 2021 SPWI letter to Dorset Council Minerals and Waste Planning Manager

10th March 2021 Dorset Echo Letter: “Why are waste incinerators popping up everywhere?”

8th March 2021 Link to Channel 4’s Dispatches: “The Dirty Truth About Your Rubbish” (please click here)

7th March 2021 Recycling “going up in smoke” Guardian article

4th March 2021 SPWI email to Richard Drax MP

3rd March 2021 SPWI letter to Dorset Council Minerals and Waste Planning Manager

22nd February 2021 Great news – the Wheelabrator’s proposed Kemsley North energy from waste plant, which had a proposed capacity of 390,000 tonnes per year, has been turned down by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

21st February 2021 Dorset Echo Letter: “Concern over pollution…”

15th February 2021 SPWI letter to Public Health England

12th February 2021 SPWI letter to Natural England

9th February 2021 Significant objection from UKWIN

28th January 2021 Our Petition was presented to Parliament by Richard Drax MP, and here is the response (dated 28.01.21) that we received which is now part of the planning application; it was submitted by the applicants agents.  SPWI have sent in our observations (dated 26.03.21 – please click here) which makes use of many of the statements from George Eustice the Secretary of State for DEFRA in our favour and redirect others to facts pertinent so that the planning case officer reads the issues in the best light possible.

27th January 2021 SPWI letter to UNESCO Paris

27th January 2021 SPWI letter to UNESCO UK

25th January 2021 SPWI letter to Richard Drax MP

13th January 2021 Dorset Echo Letter: “Incinerator won’t benefit air quality…”

9th January 2021 SPWI letter to Richard Drax MP

5th December 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: “…uncaring idiots…”

26th November 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: “…doomed project…”

22nd November 2020 Dorset Echo: Richard Drax MP opposes incinerator

21st November 2020 Dorset Echo: Weymouth Town Council votes against incinerator

18th Novemeber 2020 Dorset Echo: Portland Town Council votes against the application

17th November 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: “Not only residents of Portland should be concerned about the proposed incinerator”

12th November 2020 Dorset Echo letter: “…concern among MPs…”

11th November 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: an “ill concieved project”

9th November 2020 Dorset Echo: “… major opposition…” to the incinerator

30th October 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: “Our country is becoming more aware of the dangers of micro particles”

12th October 2020 Petition cover letter

24th September 2020 Dorset Echo Letter: “Proposed Portland incinerator fails to address climate change problem”

13th September 2020 Dorset Echo: Report & photographs of the protest against the incinerator

12th September 2020 BBC South Today: Protest makes the headlines!

12th September 2020 BBC on-line: Protesters march against incinerator plan

11th September 2020: Radio interview, Courtesy of KeeP 106 (106.3 FM & online) community radio station.

11th September BBC Radio Solent interview

10th August 2020 Dorset Echo: Anti-incinerator plant petition closes in on 5,000 signatures

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