Stop Press: huge turnout for demo against incineration…full report to come.

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We are fighting for the communities of Portland, Wyke, Weymouth,  Osmington and beyond to stop a proposal to build a mercantile waste incinerator plant on the north-east coast of the iconic Isle of Portland and the Jurassic World Heritage Coast.  

The South West already has surplus capacity in waste incineration and a new plant is finishing construction in Bridgewater.  Government waste data (2019) records all Dorset landfill is small quantities of inert rubble.  Dorset is a County leader for recycling.  Wales has stopped all new incinerators from being built.

Did you know?

Do you know that this plant at £100m+ is designed to make only 15MW of power – the same as one 15MW wind turbine costing only £15m!

The proposed plant is so large it will probably have to import waste from far beyond Dorset. It will emit totally unacceptable amounts of greenhouse gases and pollutants, whilst generating an additional 80 lorry journeys a day through our streets.

Better together…

Stop Portland Waste Incinerator and Jurassic Coast Against Incineration (affiliated with the Portland Association) have come together to challenge Powerfuel’s planning application to build a commercial waste incinerator at Portland Port.

Together, they have funded two crucial expert reports from the same environmental lawyers who have worked for Portland Town Council.  They are tasked with responding to the application specifically on how it fails the Dorset Waste Plan and will scrutinise the Habitat Assessment.  These reports will be submitted asap as a late submission. In addition, three other expert reports have been commissioned too: a report from Adams Hendry planning consultants, AQC air quality consultants and an ecology report from Jonathan Cox.

The Adams Hendry (REG 25) report was submitted on Friday 24th September as is viewable on the DC planning website. Click HERE

We urgently need to raise £45,000 to commission the expert legal and environmental advice needed to do this.

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