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Our action to get UNESCO involved has achieved the Minister responsible for our World Heritage Site to write 28.06.2022:

“My department agrees with the Jurassic Coast Trust’s view that the proposals would negatively impact the World Heritage Site as a result of this proposed development within its setting.”: click here to read in full


Stop Portland Waste Incinerator campaign in association with The Portland Association have submitted expert evaluations of the applicants submission on air quality Air Quality Consultants report 23/02/2022,  the consequential impact on the environment Jonathan Cox Ecologist report 09/03/2022 and with particular focus of the HRA – Habitats Regulations Assessment – which has precautionary legal obligations – Freeths environmental lawyers 01/04/2022 who conclude:.


Where does this leave Dorset Council?

  1. Based on the information presented by the Applicant in its Updated Shadow HRA, Dorset Council must refuse permission for the ERF because Dorset Council cannot be satisfied that there will be no adverse effect on the integrity of any European site or Ramsar site from the ERF and its associated traffic alone or in combination with other plans or projects. Too many major issues remain outstanding for safe conclusions to be drawn.
    15. For this reason, it is not possible to safely reach the conclusion as stated in paragraph 1 of the Statement of Common Ground dated January 2022 that “the proposed development will not have any significant adverse effects on the statutory sites (SACs, SPAs, MCZs, Ramsar sites or SSSIs) within the vicinity of the proposed development”.
    16. If Dorset Council were to grant consent to the ERF on the basis of a HRA reflecting the Applicant’s Updated Shadow HRA, the decision would be unlawful, and the permission would be quashed by the Court upon application for judicial review

On 12 April 2022 the applicant has submitted 6 new documents with self-justifications and rebuttals to the air quality AQC report 23/02/2022 and implied that Dorset Council has appointed TetraTech to scrutinise the information. We have asked questions to verify this.  If this is now the case and it would be a new appointment – it would takes weeks for TetraTech to do this technical work; it would be a very expensive cost to the public purse.


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